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What are your hours?

Appointments are available 7 days a week.

What is your cancellation policy?

Time has been specifically reserved for your appointment. Please call 24 hours in advance to reschedule and avoid a $25 fee.

What kind of shampoos & conditioners do you use?

We use biodegradable products that address the specific needs of your dog and help support the environment. Specialty shampoos are used based on the individual needs of your dog.

What VACCINATIONS do you require?

Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP/DAPP vaccinations are required. Please send proof of up-to-date vaccinations, prior to your first appointment and then annually thereafter, to

How often should my dog be groomed?

For their health, it is important to maintain clean skin and a healthy coat, clean ears, trim nails, and gland expression. A bath and groom are recommended every 4 to 8 weeks.

How long does an appointment take?

The average time is 1-3 hours per dog for spa services. Each dog is assessed and groomed based on their individual needs and the requests of the owner. The appointment length can vary based on dematting, hair type, hair styling and cut, pet size, etc.

Can you give me examples of different sizes of dogs?

Small: up to 20 lbs. such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, Mini Poodle, Boston Terrier Medium: 21-40 lbs. such as Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Beagle, Shetland, King Cavalier Large: 41-60 lbs. such as Lab, Golden Retriever, Springer, Shepard X-Large: 61+ lbs. such as Siberian Husky, Malamute, Standard Poodle, Samoyed

Do you have parking?

We have one designated client parking space next to the spa for drop off and pick up.

How are you providing CONTACT-FREE dog drop offs and pick ups?

- Please come to the side door of the salon wearing your Face Mask and with your pup on a leash. (The front door is locked and only staff is allowed in the salon. If you would like to purchase a boutique item, we will gladly assist you.) - In the event there is a bit of a wait or if there are mulitple clients at the side door, please observe the ground markers for appropriate physical distancing - You are responsible for keeping your pup controlled on the leash until they enter the salon - We will return the leash to you prior to grooming as per OSHA requirements In addition, you can expect us to screen all clients about the health and wellness in their household and to confirm that you have not been in contact with anyone who has been ill prior to your appointment.

What extra precautions are you taking to protect from COVID-19?

Happy Dog Spa has always prided itself on our cleaning and disinfecting procedures and, with COVID-19, we are taking further precautions by: - Disinfecting and wiping work surfaces several times a day - Disinfecting bathtubs thoroughly after each dog - Disinfecting Suites between each use - Cleaning and disinfecting tools, floors, and other surfaces daily - Using UV lights to disinfect our salon in addition to disinfectants - Allowing only masked staff in the salon - Taking the temperatures of all staff daily

How do I pay for grooming services or boutique items?

Cash or check are preferred and we accept credit or debit cards with a $.50 fee. Your card will be wiped down with hand sanitizer upon return.


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