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Mass production was previously only available to the select few who could afford it. The Slash gives stay-at-home artists and engineers the power to create whatever product or tool they desire without the fiscal restraints of manufacturing and the long wait times associated with ordinary FDM printers. Previously, industrial grade 3D printing was far too expensive to provide the same advantages of speed, quality and volume to more frugal users. The Slash provides print speeds of 1000 cubic centimeters an hour, rivalling that offive figure machines in addition to creating smooth surfaced models that can please both artists and craftsman alike.

Ideal for startups and personal projects, the Slash gives users the ability to manufacture custom parts right from the office or garage. Small business with access to these kinds of affordable, high quality instruments can use them to help their business grow. The Slash produces robust, 100% filled models that can take a blow and be used as a final product. Users can create their own quality parts without having to go to a manufacturer, giving them an opportunity to create and prototype their inventions quickly and easily.

On top of that, the Slash fits right in a living room as a family product. Family members can use its functionality to work on recreational projects, fix household appliances and decorate the home. Giving users the power of creativity has always been one of the main goals at Uniz.



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